Friday, February 24, 2012

Paging Success Ratio, IRAT Failure, CPICH power

Paging Success Ratio:
adalah respons paging ke attempt paging (banyaknya percobaan paging) dalam jaringan WCDMA UMTS.

Nilai yang baiknya adalah di atas 90%.

IRAT Failure :

IRAT = Inter Radio Access Technology

Ada beberapa penyebab untuk kegagalan IRAT / IRAT Failure di jaringan seluler.

4 Penyebab utamanya adalah :

  1. Missing relation ke 2G
  2. Tidak adanya 2G resources
  3. Poor 2G Coverage
  4. Missing relation ke 3G 

What is a typical CPICH power?

CPICH power typically takes about 10% of the total NodeB power. For a 20W (43dBm) NodeB, CPICH is around 2W (33dBm).

In urban areas where in-building coverage is taken care of by in-building installations, the CPICH may sometimes go as low as 5% because:

The coverage area is small since users are close to the site, and
More power can be allocated to traffic channels.