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Monday, February 19, 2007

Lowongan : Exxon

Mobil Cepu Ltd (MCL)a contractor to BPMIGAS for cepu block area, is seeking candidates to fill position as "Operation Trainees"for Banyu Urip project, MCL has appointed PT.Sumberdaya Dian Mandiri to support the administration of Banyu urip recruitment activities
Available Position
Mechanical Techinician
Electrical Techinician
Instrument and electronics Techinician
instrument and control Techinician
Process operator
-Politechnic iploma or D3 certification graduate
-GPA 3.0 prefered
-able to climb ladders, lift 25 Kg, 7 day works, night sift or longer rotational scedule away from home and have good hearing anf eyesight.
-Understand basic english
-Speak well in indonesian
-Willing to stay in training facility 1-2 year, and field site in Aceh 1-2 years
Required documents
-resume or job history
-completed application form
-photocopy KTP (indonesia indentification)
-photocopy graduation certificate
invited candidate bring KTP, testing venue and schedule will be communicated during the week of march 12-16, 2007. Pre-employmnet background screeniing will be required for applicant selected for hire

If interested send your applcation to:
Email : sdm_mcl@e-jobz.com
Mail : PT SDM PO BOX 4369 /SBS 60400
Fax : PT SDM (021)638 66923

Note: No Charge in all procces requirements, please don't believe and be carefull in individual that Use ExxonMobil name or PT SDM to promise requiremets Process.

Expired: 23 February 2007

informasi lebih lanjut http://idjobseeker.org

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