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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Those Gorgeous Eyes

Those Gorgeous Eyes
Those Gorgeous Eyes -Virgin Media

One night in that year when we were together,
When you tell me all of your secrets, that had led you to your goal..
You said, they laid solely in your tenacity..
I always knew, you were that guy..

The strong young man who stood in the middle of the crowd..

I loved the way you built your great body..
Just like your life fulfilled with liberty,
It’s fulfilled with spirits and loves and courage..

You were always that mysterious one with gorgeous eyes and dark hair..
Then you’d teach me of honest things..
But I was just too scared to lose you..

You were just like the guy of the rising sun..
When I was searching, seeking for answers..
Then all I could see by the shine in your dark eyes..

You were that guy, who laughed and wept,
Who were struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be..

Now, I’m watching you from here,
You’re still so much adorable in so many ways..
You’ll always be that mysterious one with gorgeous eyes..
Unreachable, untouchable..
PS: a letter from friend for best friend
 :thanks to be part of my life:

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