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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adapting the Right Attitude at Work

Being in a good environment automatically encourages employees to produce good results. Similarly, an unhealthy environment would infuse discontent among people and hence a decreased quality of results. A hefty environment could be created if all the employees honor the work ethics and have the right attitude.

What are Work Ethics?

Workplace ethics could be defined as a set of codes that every employee is expected to follow so that a productive and competitive work environment could be created. Ignoring these rules would not only have a negative effect on the individual performance but it would cast an appalling effect on the collective productivity of the team. A person who doesn’t care about the work ethics is generally not in the good book of people around him.
Work ethics could be thought of as an extension of general moral ethics, the training of which is received from the home. The people who ignore the work ethics might not have an idea that their attitude seems inappropriate to others. Following are some of the principles that you need to follow in order to maintain a good reputation.

No matter where you work or what you do, punctuality is an invaluable trait and is needed all the time. Employers appreciate efficiency in each and every bit of work that you do and they certainly cherish an employee who is diligent about deadlines and tries to be punctual. If you are a team leader, than you need to be extra careful about it. If a team leader or the boss arrives late at the office, it would give negative messages to the subordinates and they would not deem coming in late as unprofessional!
Punctuality does not only apply to coming in at time in the morning. It also highlights the fact that meeting deadlines is equally important especially when you work in a team as your being late can drastically affect the pace and quality of work of the whole team.

Keep your Personal Life Private
Have a professional attitude while you are at the office. You might be on social terms with some of your colleagues, but it is highly inappropriate to discuss your private issues at work. Of course you could discuss them during the lunch break or after finishing off the day, but during the work hours…it is a big NO!
Don’t bring the personal issues to work as they could become a hindrance to your performance.

Don’t act snoopy
Mind your own business. This might sound rude but this is actually the attitude that is expected of you in the workplace. As it is highly unprofessional to discuss your private affairs with coworkers, similarly you should never poke around about other people’s lives.
The same goes with the official issues that are not being discussed with you. You don’t need to speculate and gossip about it. If two coworkers seem to have a secret discussion, you have no need to know what is going on.

Phone Etiquettes
Even the most well-groomed people around us seem to be unaware of the phone etiquettes. We would often find an elderly coworker or a brilliant employee making uproarious phone calls. Whenever having a conversation on phone, keep your volume low so that you don’t become a cause of disturbance and pain for the people around you.
Keep your Smart phones on silent mode as you would not like a conspicuous tune to capture the colleagues’ attention every time your phone rings.
Do not make unnecessarily long phone calls. Whether it is your family or friends, keep it short and focus on your work instead of having a cutesy conversation with them.
Be Honest
Honesty is the most sought after trait at workplace just the way it is in real life. After all, no one likes a manipulative person who could spoof the facts and figures. Honesty is appreciated in each and every domain. If you are unable to meet the preplanned deadlines, you need to be honest and straight forward about it before much damage is done to your team and your reputation.
Similarly, if you have made a mistake, just admit it and take the responsibility. Your honestly might save your job.

Practice Courtesy
Having a courteous and nice attitude towards colleagues helps in the long run as you never know who could offer generous help during an hour of need. Having a nice attitude towards people plays a great part in building a good reputation. You don’t have to be courteous only towards the senior officials but also towards your colleagues, subordinates and juniors. Smile and say ‘Hello’ to the office boys and greet the receptionist as well. Respect is a mutual gesture, if you do not give people respect, do not expect any in return!

Respect Privacy
It is bad manners to look at others’ computer screens. It is considered even worse if it is the computer screen of your coworker. Peeping into the cubicles or workspace is unacceptable and regarded as immoral. Similarly, eavesdropping on people’s conversation can make others suspicious of your motives. Don’t look into the files or documents of others. By no means meddle in what does not concern you, whether it is about someone’s private life or an issue at the workplace. Never forget that curiosity killed the cat! Your curiosity could make you look suspicious and you could end up in trouble.

Say no to Facebook!
Social Media has become an integral part of our lives and it seems that life has become impossible without it. Most people log into their Facebook and Twitter accounts as soon as they turn on their office PCs. But this certainly is against the workplace ethics. Not only these online activities waste a lot of our precious time at the work place, they also keep us tremendously distracted. You would love to see every notification that pops up without even noticing that these teeny-weeny timeslots practically kill a lot of your valuable time.
Social media can become appallingly addictive. Say no to this addiction to give a better performance at office!

Offer help when needed
Although there is competition in the air but offer help whenever needed and wherever you can. Try to solve issues that might be sabotaging the performance at the workplace. In this way, you can certainly expect help when you are stuck in a hopeless situation. This attitude would help in creating a friendly and healthy environment that encourages people to work in harmony to produce best results.

Be kind to newcomers
New people don’t know everything about work and they are in the learning phase. They expect proper guidance and training. Sometimes, just for fun, employees mock them and give them a hard time. Don’t play pranks on them, instead be helpful and courteous. They are going to be your colleagues for you don’t know how long, so don’t spoil the relations at the beginning. Be kind! Who knows, you might need their help someday!

Follow values and Social Norms
The traditions, social norms and culture prevalent in a region cast radical effect upon the environment of the workplace. This refers to the dress code, the way we respond to situations and people and the interpersonal communication. We can disagree with the values or orthodox traditions on our end but it would certainly be very rude if we ignore the social norms practiced at the workplace.

In short, the right attitude in the workplace means
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Self Control
  • Justice and Fair Guidance
  • Transcendence
  • Kindness
  • Courage and Integrity
Workplace ethics are essential to be observed by each and every person in the office. A positive and healthy environment can bring out the best in people. That is why managers keep a hawk eye on the employees and the factors that can affect the general mood of the office.
The hardcore rules and principles differ from place to place but the general principles of morality remain the same all around the globe.

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